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Our popular retractable Luxaflex Folding Arm Awnings are available with an amazing variety of options - including crank or motorised operation, integrated rain hoods, wind protection systems and sun and wind sensors. Canopy Awnings lend traditional charm to an outdoor area, and come in an assortment of styles and colours. These awnings are designed to be long-lasting and low-maintenance. Evo Awnings represent the ultimate in design and function, providing UV protection, air flow control and ease of operation. Or for the classic look, we have Fixed Metal Awnings and Metal Louvre Awnings. These aluminium awnings offer great protection from the hot Australian sun.


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Folding Arm Awnings offer the best in open-plan outdoor living. There are solutions for every situation, from tiny terraces to large outdoor entertaining areas.

  • Folding Arm Awnings can be operated via a smoothly functioning crank or by using motorisation for the ultimate in luxury and ease. 

  • Some models are available with a sun and wind sensor, and can also be integrated with sensors and home automation systems for those seeking a high-tech solution.

  • Narrow awnings with a long projection available, as the arms on the system offset one above the other. 

  • Shade proof or complete waterproof options available.


The Australian-designed Evo Awning range represents the latest in design, styling and functionality. The comprehensive range includes six models and comes in a selection of beautiful fabrics to shade your home - all featuring famous high quality materials and smooth operating systems. 

  • The Evo Cable Awning is a sturdy system not only provides UV protection and air flow, it is incredibly durable and provides the best option when fixing a channel to a wall is not possible.  

  • The Evo Channel eliminates light gaps and comes with a locking pin option which allows the awning to be secured at various heights, for maximum control. 

  • Available in solar battery option, and as little as 2-3 hours of direct sunlight is required for several days’ operation. 

  • The Pivot Arm Awning option allows sun to be controlled through the angle or pitch, and also allows for airflow underneath as the awning is not fitted directly to the window. 


Straight Drop Awnings provide privacy and sun protection, adding a stylish and contemporary outdoor finish to your home, especially where space is at a premium. The sleek design and wide choice of fabrics makes these awnings particularly suited for modern open-plan living areas, allowing sun and light in during the day, and privacy and darkness during the evening or when you are not at home.

  • Verandah Straight Drop Awnings are easy to operate – they use a rope and pulley system to raise and lower the awnings.

  • Spring Straight Drop Awnings have a spring-loaded top roller to tension fabric and straps to hold the awning in place.

  • This awning raises and lowers easily using a rope spool system. This system has a Lock Arm mechanism, allowing you to create a seamless look over two or more storeys.

  • Channel Roll Up Awnings incorporate side channels that are designed with indents, so the awning can easily be pulled down and locked into position. 


The perfect choice for multi-storey buildings, System 2000 Awnings provide flexibility to allow for consistent aesthetics over all windows.

  • The System 2000 Pivot Arm Awning can be operated from inside the house by gear, tape or rope and can be motorised for easy operation. It is ideal for installations high above ground level. 

  • Lock Arm Awnings are incredibly simple to operate. Easy-to-use self-locking arms allow a basic adjustment by hand or by a pull stick to bring the awning within reach smoothly and efficiently. System 2000 Lock Arm Awnings are suitable for ground floor applications.

  • System 2000 Awnings can be operated from inside the house by gear, tape or rope, or they can be motorised with one of our home automation systems for ease of operation.


Add some traditional charm to your home with a choice of one of our Canopy Awnings. These appealing and classic awnings come in a multitude of styles and colours and particularly suit period and mid-century homes. A versatile choice, they can be situated over windows, doors or even walkways.

  • Boulevard consists of an oval shape that is ideal for medium length windows. Spans are up to 4.8m wide with a 1.65m drop.

  • Elliptical is a long, rounded shape ideal for placement over doors and single windows. It offers spans of up to 4.8m wide with a 1.65m drop.

  • Wedge, a square, sleek style, is perfect for medium length windows. It offers spans of up to 6m with a drop of 1.65m.


If you are looking for traditional style and durability, consider one of our most long-standing and popular products. Fixed Metal Awnings provide perfect shading for patios, verandahs, external windows and doors.

  • Caribbean® Awnings are the most decorative of the fixed range, available with arm or post support, optional sides and mitred corners.

  • Kingston Metal Awnings are fully waterproof and designed to provide protection regardless of the weather conditions. 

  • Bahama Awnings feature a series of wide horizontal panels. This awning is an ideal budget solution for shading windows, doorways or patio areas.

  • Optional closed sides and mitred corners are available on some models. Arm and post support is available for a range of projections. Posts and awning understructure are white for a neutral appearance.


Looking for toughness and durability? Metal Louvre Awnings are extremely effective in providing privacy, light control and air flow for balconies and external windows. Their proven HD COLOR-COTE® Paint System is extremely durable.

  • Adjustable Trinidad Awnings provide maximum light, heat and privacy control by allowing you to manually adjust the angle of the louvres throughout the day to suit your specific needs by using either an external or internal winder.

  • Fixed Trinidad Awnings can deflect the sun’s glare without sacrificing air flow, light or view by being moved to the optimum angle for your needs - either “open” angles at 45 degrees or “closed” at 60 degrees.

  • Sunguard Awnings have 84mm wide panels fixed at 65 degrees, offering high sun protection all year round.


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