QiShades have a wide range of Retractable Roofs amongst the many solutions of external products, all customised and personalised, to maximise the enjoyment of every outdoor area and transforming it into a welcoming harbour, even in the strongest sun, wind or rain.


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Our retractable roof systems combine innovative, cutting-edge materials, technology and design. Aluminium or wood, anchored to a wall or self-standing, flat or tilted, with the perimetral sides open or closed.

  • A terrace that becomes a living area, the corner of a garden transformed into a relaxing space, an outdoor area in the city is now a space to be lived-in year-round.

  • QiShades retractable roofs systems are a popular option if you wish to span larger than what our Folding Arm Awnings can accommodate which is usually 6.5 metres wide.

  • Most Retractable Roofs can span between 2.5 to 12 metre projection depending on model.

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